Nail'em Up

One o'clock in the morning when
You came knocking on my door a groaning
with no clothes on and looking like you were dead

You were covered in blood from head to toe
had no idea on where to go
and it took me a while to make out the words you said

You said a fight broke out in the car
and your boyfriend left you to die on the river bed

so you followed the stars up in the sky
through the path to my back door they led.

So now I think i got a job to do
you know you're covered in mud and cuts and bruises
well i hope he's ready for the shit I'm about to stir

I know I can't stand a man
to the the woman he loves he would raise his hand
and take his frustration out on her.

And I ain't even gonna lie
well I killed him slow and I tortured him for sure

But you need to be my alibi
and make up what we did and where we were.

I know it's wrong to kill
but if I don't do it no one else will
and I know it's wrong to lie
but a man like that don't deserve to live that man deserves to die.

- Scott Stanton
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