Way it Goes

I'm not the best at most the things I try and do.
I make a mess out of most things well yes its true.
But I still climb to the top, before I get to ride it down.
I don't raise a deal about the things that I have done and found.
Cause I'm, well, just a man, but a man got a lot to lose.
Got a lot of choice to make with not a whole lot of choice to chose.
Do I accept my fate or do I go and refuse,
I got to force to state and I got to state the trues.
And that's the problem, there ain't no right or wrong,
One's about getting ahead and one's about getting gone.

I know we're gonna make it but we'll take it slow,
You never know what you're gonna get,
You say you're live your life like Russian roulette
And I know, I know.
I know you cant live your life on the run.
My daddy told me listen my son, do what I say don't do what I've done.

But I ain't calling for no outs or immunities.
I got my problems, but I'm solving them when I'm in the sea.
Cause the finer things are nothing, said my future wife.
So I told her, everything else must cost me more than my life.
But I know, that's just the way it goes.
And I know, the way it goes is the way it goes.
And I know, if I don't make it, there'll be a good reason
But if I'm stuck by next year I'm just getting up and I'm leaving
Cause, that's the problem, there ain't no right or wrong.
I said, one's about getting ahead the other's about getting gone.

It's a choice if you stop,
But it ain't one if there's no use.
Gotta climb to the very very top,
If you want the best of the views, its true.


- Scott Stanton
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