We started talking about the ocean
Talking about the waves
The way it feels to drop and to steep
The fallin' she said is like a calling
feeling that, stomach in my cheek.

Slap in the face as opened my eyes and I'm staring at my feet
And there's no stomach in my cheek and I am
Standing on the street
Where did that girl go?
Did you go back home to Mexico?
I had a chance to go but now I'm standing in the
Yes now I'm standing in the snow

One-way ticket and a bus drive to Cabo
And there's sand between my toe's
The wind blowing off the shore
Got a six four from the kid next door
And I got no time because I'm next in line
And I'm almost at my feet
Now fallin'
Feel my stomach in my cheek
Feeling my stomach in my cheek

So I'm Fallin'
I'm Fallin'
That girl she said it's like a calling
But I don't think I recognize her face now anymore
and faces expressions, that she had before
I though I came for the girl I new but instead I
Found that stomach in my cheek.
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