The Digger

Straight off the top of my head I told the best lie
I know that I don't even have to try.
I just fill up a drink, start talking 'bout the markets
Fill up a shot, no money in my pockets
Before I leave I go pretend to pay,
and then I ditch a taxi on the way to her place
Because pretty little girl you may look so nice
But digging for that gold you'll have to pay the price
I can't wait for you to go and take my “money” away

The digger says, give me the keys please to the benzee
maybe some money too
She says the talk of the riches has got her suspicious of you
She knows what’s going on and it won't be long until it’s through
So it is time for you to go and make your move
But break it down slowly cause surely she'll know your a phoney
and you'll be screwed by the girl that you thought you knew
but when in doubt,
because at the end of the day when it rolls around
these are the words you should say

Girl I'm sure you are nice and you are funny
But only to the boys that be giving you money
Wouldn't even give the poor boy, no, the time of day
When you're turning him down turning him down
he didn't have the chance to say
Girl I'm sure at the rate that you are digging
You'll end up at the bottom of a hole, but you'll fit right in
With all those doctors and those lawyers waiting for you
At the end of the day, so you can go at take,
take their money away
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