Greed and the Given

Fill it up
the third time today
haven't had enough
you wouldn't even leave
a tip for her
with all the poor sitting
out on the curb
why do you have so much greed
when I've been taught to take
only what I need
but you and steal all those things
that you can
And someone points the finger at you but you ran
and so I see so I see

You can go on livin'
not takin' what you need to be takin'
and you can go on workin'
not thinking about the money your makin'

Cause your not gona find out
the way your runnin' out of time

you can go on fillin'
not care about what you lose or spillin'
so I say

Have you had enough
you got three mouths to feed
well I know that is tough
but you still go and do
all those things that you can
If something goes down
your their to lend your hand
well why cant more people
be more like you
take me for example
I've got room to and through
but most people do
they just don't seem to try
They say they'll do more
but you know thats a lie
well they say thats a lie

You can go on workin'
savin what you need to be savin'
and you can go on buildin'
and helpin' what you need to be helpin'

cause you found out
right, oh yes, right in time,
that its not about yourselft
but the world on the line

you could go on fillin'
and watchin' every drip that your spillin'
cause the greed and the givin'
are totally to different
the greed is always givin' to some
and if givin' was givin' to everyone,
all the things we get would be gone.

They would go to the people who need them
the most not give any back
but it's not like that, not like that
in fact it's the opposite baby.

Some people seem to be knee deep in greed
its quick sand and me,
the more that they sink they think
they wish they would have
changed but they stayed the same.
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