Unescapable Dome

Is it the snowflakes here
in the winter time that keep ya home

or the cold dry air 
that hurts to breathe on down your throat

the icy roads and the snow molds that get yah col,

Your home has turned, into an 
unescapable dome

Why's it so hard to leave 
you got no bills to pay

got no reason to stay, now 
you're still livin' out

your parents place anyway
, doing the same thing

that you have done everyday 
and you make it out to be so

hard to leave, but you don't know, no no no

and you will never find out until you go

you wont know, till you go

your home has turned into an unescapable dome

and you wont know now,
no, you wont know 
until you go.
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